Get beyond the “verbose” classes of Java as we know it, to a future which has a special place for data aggregates in Java.


Do you ever get bored of writing classes that look like behemoths just to store your data?
Do you not even have the slightest dislike about the IDE generated boilerplate?
Do you not wish there was a simpler way to do this?

If your answer is yes, join me at tonight’s meetup at JUG Tirana.

It’s ok if you think Java is too verbose. Even us, Java developers at heart, do that sometimes.
And the IDE generated boilerplate for all these classes? Ooof.

In this talk I am going to explore records as a compact construct for data holders in java.
I will make sure my data is quick to write, easy to read.

Coming to a JDK near you in Java 14.

The talk

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Source Code

Source code on Github.


Slides on Slideshare.

Coming Clean on Records at Tirana JUG from Albin Hasani