• Helpful NPEs and where to find them

    What drives Java developers crazy and goes away when given developers a strong brew of coffee? NullPointerExceptions.

  • Helidon SE, another breed of speedy

    In this follow-up to the Helidon MP post, I’m going to explore the other Helidon sibling: Helidon SE.

  • Helidon MP, child of Java EE and the Cloud

    What is Helidon? Turning to etymology, Helidon comes from Greece and it means the swallow bird in English.

  • Making Space for Pattern Matching

    As a Java Developer, the risk of getting used to ceremony is a serious thing. Some people are actively involved in putting this risk into sleep.

  • Tirana JUG - Coming Clean on Records

    Get beyond the “verbose” classes of Java as we know it, to a future which has a special place for data aggregates in Java.

  • Coming Clean on Records

    Java will have records, and it will have them soon! Yayy! Now, what does that mean and how on earth did we need these?

  • A walk through Devoxx Belgium

    A little more than three weeks ago I was in Devoxx Belgium. It had it all. The core Java talks, the bytecode wonders, the soft skills, a look at the future, and Venkat.

  • Let there be var

    Being late to the game with var in Java? No problem.
  • As a matter of JEP

    The improvements and additions to the Java language come as a result of the JDK Enhancement Proposal process.

  • Static Factory Collection Methods

    In this post, I have written about some improvements to collections. I think these methods would provide a great starting spot for Java Developers looking to find what lurks beyond Java 8.

  • Hello World

    Hi friends. I’m going to share a new part of my work: a blog.

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